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Jul 9, 2018

China wants to invade Taiwan, which is practically a guarantee of World War III. We sit down with Ian Easton of the Project 2049 Research Institute to discuss the Chinese Communist Party's ultimate plan for the One China Policy, and how the United States would and should respond.

Jul 5, 2018

We discuss our trip to the Olso Freedom Forum. We met loads of amazing people standing up to authoritarian regimes.

Shelley's Uncle's Tiananmen Photos!

May 26, 2018

Chris, Shelley, and Matt discuss Gap caving to the Chinese Communist Party's pressure on T-shirts, China's social credit system, government over reach, and what it all has to do with our favorite muppet from the 80s, Alf.

May 17, 2018

We sit down with cryptocurrency expert Josh Gnaizda to discuss Bitcoin, cryptocurrency, and blockchain—and why they matter to China. Josh Gnaizda worked at Merrill Lynch and a boutique hedge fund before starting

May 7, 2018

It's Karl Marx's 200th birthday, and boy are his ideas old! Chris, Shelley, and Matt talk about how Marx's ideas are being used and misused today in China. They also discuss "Digital Maoism" and how it relates to Facebook.